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Sharing the beauty which nature gives us to enjoy

Wildlife Spirits
has been inspired by nature's beauty. The wildlife that is shown on these pages have been captured on camera by photographer & filmmaker Lars Wyka & other guest photographers, for the purpose of providing students and viewers, information & reflection, relative to nature's beautiful designs.

It is my hope that viewers will be able to learn from and be sharing of, the beauty that nature brings to us. The variety of images presented on this site are there for study purposes as well as personal enjoyment. From the tiny chipmunks and ground squirrels, ever so playful, to the vast assortment of the majestic and peaceful elk.

There is a great amount of knowledge we can gather from nature. Not only is the biology important, but the living aspects, the harmony in which these natural inhabitants of earth live with, their interaction with one another and their environment, is all valuable information from which humankind can learn from. For instance, Elk, which are large and majestic, may be found living amongst human settlements, never harming or threatening anyone. They live within their communities always taking care of one another. They can be found speaking to each other in very vocal ways. It is very common to observe elk families which appear in constant communication. The cows (females) calling out to their calves (young offspring), the bulls (males) calling out in various forms from warning calls to rutting (mating) bugles. The elk herd is always on the lookout, observing all that is around them and speaking with each other in a caring fashion to the entire herd. You do not notice any selfish acts within the elk groups. Even the battles between mating bulls is not an act of violence, but rather a show of dominance for the sake of breeding. After the breeding season, you will often find the same bulls which locked antlers in rutt, now living side by side throughout the winter months. Each watching out for themselves as well as one another, often found feeding shoulder to shoulder with each other. You will find that elk do not damage their environment They roam and graze, never polluting, never harming the life that is around them.

This site will grow as more of nature's beauties present themselves to the photographer. Currently much of the work is being filmed in and around Estes Park, Colorado, within Rocky Mountain National Park as well as the Big Thompson Canyon area. In the future, photography of the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska are planned.

We are currently seeking private investment so that filming for DVD release and Animal broadcast shows can be made available for further study and understanding of nature by vast audiences. There is much to show and learn from, in ways that have yet been approached by the wildlife programs thusfar presented. Knowledge can be a valuable asset to humankind if we look to the natural resources of this planet for the information it can provide to us. Learning to live one's life in harmony with nature, rather than as a destructive force upon this earth, can be a valuable step in the right direction for all of humankind.

This site and the work contained within is a passion of mine. I cannot begin to express into words the feelings given to me, within my heart and being, which come from the natural beauties which pose for my camera. To see an elk wink at me... a sibling pair of fawns look at me in amazement and wonder... to the birds that will land and observe me as much as I am observing them... The natural forces of our environment, from the snows and winds to the rushing waters... there is so much one's spirit gathers in replenishment to one's being... I hope that the viewers of this site will gather some of these feelings while visiting the lives presented herein.

Please enjoy what nature has given us...



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